Jason Schmidt

I’m Jason Schmidt.

I’m not a politician and I’m not a career public servant. I’m a former felony prosecutor and experienced trial attorney with an active criminal defense and litigation practice.  In 2003 I relocated my family to Chautauqua County from New York City after an exhaustive search to find a safe community in which to raise my son, one in which neighbors look out for one another and small town values contribute to a healthy and nurturing environment for families. After establishing my private practice here locally, I was hired as a Chautauqua County Assistant District Attorney and eventually became one of only a small handful of felony prosecutors in that office.

During my years at the District Attorney’s Office, I conducted more felony jury trials than any other prosecutor in the office, including the District Attorney himself, while still maintaining a private practice.  I also represented the District Attorney’s Office in multiple high profile criminal appeals in which I argued before New York’s Appellate Division.  Six years ago I resigned from my position to focus exclusively on my private practice and get my son through college.  Since then, I have built a successful criminal defense practice in which I regularly defend individuals charged with felony and misdemeanor-level crimes, including multiple murder cases as well as other serious violent and non-violent cases.

Altogether, I have conducted perhaps hundreds of trials, picked numerous juries and argued a multitude of appeals, including in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  I developed and continue to nurture personal and professional relationships with the police.  With this unique background, I have specific policy proposals to streamline the process of criminal prosecutions while increasing effective aggressiveness in prosecuting criminal cases, with an eye towards reducing costs and saving taxpayers money.

I firmly believe that no other candidate for the District Attorney position possesses my qualifications or is better suited to the position.  For these reasons, I ask that you consider me for the District Attorney position when you vote in November.